Well hello there. My name is Mahlon, I'm a person who likes to waste her time here on Tumblr. I hope you enjoy your stay here on my blog. I have Disney, animation, references for a variety of things, shows that I enjoy and plenty of other things. So stick around and take a look.
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Retail AU

There’s always that one hot coworker, or the new hot employee.
This is an AU where all these guys work in a store or are customers of said store. I just wanted them in the retail world. Gives me an excuse to draw out some of my experiences pff

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  • The Fool:

    Something you've always wanted to try

  • The Magician:

    Something you're very good at

  • The High Priestess:

    One thing you wish you knew

  • The Empress:

    A woman you really admire

  • The Emperor:

    A man you really admire

  • The Hierophant:

    Something you believe in

  • The Lovers:

    A person who makes you very happy

  • The Chariot:

    A prize or award you've won

  • Strength:

    Something you struggle with

  • The Hermit:

    Favourite way to spend a day alone

  • The Wheel Of Fortune:

    Something you wish you could change

  • Justice:

    A decision you wish you could do over

  • The Hanged Man:

    A time when you wished someone would listen to you

  • Death:

    Someone you really miss

  • Temperance:

    Your ideal day

  • The Devil:

    Who you talk to when you're dealing with big issues

  • The Tower:

    Something that changed your life

  • The Star:

    Someone you consider perfect

  • The Moon:

    Something you fear

  • The Sun:

    Your happiest memory

  • Judgement:

    Your favourite song(s)

  • The World:

    Your dream job